Can I borrow that wrench?

You may temporarily borrow machine shop tools by signing them out of their toolboxes. If you remove a tool from the machine shop work area, you must additionally let a machine shop staff member know.

If you do borrow a tool, please be sure to return it promptly to the correct toolbox. Project toolbox locations according to their numbers are:

1: outside AC205
2: AC306
3: AC204a
4: outside AC205
5: Mini-Shop - AC108
6: Edison House Garage
7: AC226
8: AC309
9: AC306
10: AC306
11: AC204a
12: AC204a
13: AC309
14: AC227
15: AC204a
16: AC413
17: Machine Shop - AC107
18: Machine Shop - AC106
19: Machine Shop - AC104
"R": Robotics Lab - AC228