Machine Shop Bylaws
At Olin, there exists a document known as the Mechanical Fabrication Facilties Bylaws which governs all aspects of use and safety for the mechanical fabrication facilities; essentially, all metal and wood shops. The document was authored by and is maintained by the Mechanical Fabrication Comittee comprised of David Barrett (chair), David Anderson and Ben Linder. It is important that all who use the shops agree to the terms of the document so that we can maintain safe and efficient use of our resources. As a minimum, to be cleared for entry of the shops, each student must complete the safety and shop orientation course and must acknowledge and sign the Machine Shop Safety and Conduct Contract for Students.

Mechanical Fabrication Facilities Bylaws
Machine Shop Safety and Conduct Contract for Students
Metal Shop Rules
Wood Shop Rules
Current Student Training Record

Safety is a priority
and an integral part of shop training at Olin College. To ensure that students and faculty understand on which machines they have the appriopriate level of safety and machine training, we have implemented a color coded safety and skill system identifying the required safety and skill training level for the machinery. Every machine tool in our facilities is clearly color coded as to the level of access required to operate it. The coding system consists of three colors: Green = Entry Level, Yellow = Intermediate and Red = Advanced.

Currently, the courses we have to offer are:

Basic Shop Safety and Orientation - Required for entry to the shops.
Sawing and Sanding - Basic sawing and sanding machinery such as bandsaws and stationary belt sanders .
Drilling Press - Drill press operations.
Basic Milling Operations - Drilling, Reaming, Facing and Pocketing operations using the vertical knee mills.
Basic Lathe Operations - Turning operations such as profiling, facing, cutoff , drilling and internal threading.
Advanced Milling - 2 Axis CNC milling operation
Laser Cutting - Laser cutting of plastics.

To learn more about training, please see the shop personnel.

Courses will be offered sequentially, each level acting as a pre-requisite for the following. Please see the table below for descriptions of the machinery and their respective color codes.

Machine Shop Access Level Color Codes
Level Description Access Color
1 Basic Shop Orientation, Safety, Hand Tools and Bench Work Access to shop facilities and use of hand tools Green
2 Basic Sawing, Sanding and Polishing Use of power saws, sanders, grinders and polishing wheels Green
3 Basic Drilling and Tapping Use of drill presses and tapping machines Green
4 Basic Sheet Metal Work Use of shear, notcher, brake, rolls and punch Green
5 Basic Milling Machine Operation Covers simple drilling, facing, pocketing and end mill operations. Use of Yellow milling Yellow
6 Basic Lathe Operation Covers simple turning, facing, and drilling operations. Use of yellow lathes Yellow
7 Advanced Machine Shop
Covers advanced precision machine operations. Use of the Red mills
and Lathes
8 CNC Machine Tool Operations Use of milling center, turning center, water-jet cutter and laser cutter Red
9 Welding and Fabrication Operations Use of welding