Plugins and Viewers

Video Formats

Micrsoft Windows Media File

Windows Media Player In order to play a file in Microsoft Windows Media Format, you need Windows Media Player. Most recent versions of Microsoft Windows come with it pre-installed. However, if you do not have it installed you can download it. It should work in recent versions of both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. After completing the installation instructions, restart your browser and you should be able to view the media. The terms of licensing are fairly restrictive, alternatively you can view files in MPEG-2 format.


There are a wide range of players available to play MPEG-2 files on a variety of platforms. Quicktime Player, Real One Player and Windows Media Player all play MPEG-2 files. Follow the respective installation installation instructions and restart the browser. MPEG-2 movies should play when clicked upon.


Adobe PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader In order to read an Adobe PDF file, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. In order to obtain a copy follow the link, download the approriate version and follow the installation instructions. Once the installation has been completed restart your browser and the PDF file should appear within the browser window when a link to a PDF is followed.



7Zip A Zip file is a compressed archive of files. There are several popular programs availble to read it. The most common is WinZip, however it is not available as a free download. 7-Zip is a freely available program which is capable of extracting Zip files. In order to install it click the following link, download the program, run the executable file and follow the installation instructions. Once the installation is completed you should be able to open Zip files and extract their contents.