Solidworks Customizations

Instructions for installing the custom SolidWorks Quick Keys

  1. Download the Quick Keys.cus file and place it in "SolidWorks EE 2003-2004\user", you may need to create the "user" folder. Rename the Quick Keys.cus to "your login name.cus".
  2. Download the EditPart.swp and NormalTo.swp and place them in "SolidWorks EE 2003-2004\macros", you may need to create the "macros" folder.
  3. If SolidWorks is running, you will have to exit and relaunch SolidWorks fort the changes to take affect.
  4. Make your own custom key strokes and macros!

There is also a quick reference sheet detailing the shortcuts available in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Document formats.