Solidworks Templates

Step-by-Step Instructions

In the "Solidworks Templates" folder located on \\fsvs01\stufac\ you will find part, assembly and drawing templates in both metric and English versions. You can copy these to your hard drive, but by doing this you will not be using the "latest and greatest" templates.

The drawing templates have both sheet 1 and sheet 2 in the case your drawing requires more than one sheet. If you do not need the second sheet, simply right click on the drawing sheet tab to delete it thus saving paper when printing.

To set SolidWorks to use the templates, do the following:

  1. From the Tools/Options menu pick, select "File Locations" in the Systems Options window.
  2. Select "Document Templates" from the "Show Folders For" drop down window
  3. Delete the existing folder paths (unless you have created your own templates and still want to have access to them)
  4. Select "Add" and, then browse to the \\fsvs01\stufac\Solidworks Templates. Select OK. You should now see the "Solidworks Templates" folder in the folder list window.
  5. Select "sheet Formats" from the "Show Folders For" drop down window. Choose Add and Browse to the same location as above, but go one folder deeper to \\fsvs01\stufac\Solidworks Templates\Formats."
  6. Select "Default Templates" in the System Options tree and for each option, browse to the Solidworks Templates folder and choose "English Part" for Parts, "English Assy" for Assy and "English C - Olin" for the Drawings.

Test it! Close the dialog and create new a part in SolidWorks. You should now see the all the part templates you just added. This works the same for assemblies and drawings. You will find that these formats are cleaner and have the proper text size etc to make your drawings comply with the professional world. Of course you can copy the templates to your local hard drive and modify them to your liking.

Reformatting Existing Drawings

Even though you have created drawings using the other templates, you can re-format them to the new formats.

  1. Open the drawing you wish to reformat and right click in the drawing sheet (not in a drawing view) and select "Properties"
  2. Under "Sheet Format" choose "Custom", then browse to the "Formats" folder you just added and select the appropriate sheet format from the "Solidworks Templates\Formats" folder.
  3. Select "Reload Sheet Format".

By doing this you can also change the size of your sheet if you first chose one that was too big or too small.