Training Overview

Welding trainings include MIG and TIG welding! For first-time welders, MIG welding is generally easier to learn, so it's recommended that you complete MIG welding training before you sign up for TIG welding training.

Training Type Pre-Requisite # of Sessions / Time Required Relevant Documents
MIG Welding Green Machine 2 / 90 mins
TIG Welding MIG Welding (recommended) 2 / 90 mins
Plasma Cutting (Hand-Held) Green Machine 1 / 60 mins
Plasma Cutting (CNC) Plasma Cutting (Hand-Held) 1 / 60 mins
Brazing Green Machine 2 / 60 mins


Olin Quick Guides

These guides include detailed information of each machine: key components, set up process, materials, clean up process, and tips and tricks! Please take a look if you want to learn more about the machine or learn more about its procedures.

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