The Shop staff and a set of highly trained students provides training in shop operations to the Olin Community before anybody can use the machine shop equipment. The Olin shop is staffed by four full-time professionals, who offer short courses and semester-long courses in machine shop operations to provide students with working knowledge and skills to safely and effectively operate machine shop equipment. Shop facilities are used to support a variety of required and elective courses (e.g., Design Nature, Principles of Engineering, Mechanical Design, Materials Science, Engineering Polymers, Sustainable Design, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, SCOPE), as well as independent student projects, faculty research activities, student club activities.

Daniela Faas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of the Practice, Director of Fabrication and Laboratory Operations

Jordan Spring

Fabrication Specialist and Instructor

Dyllan Nguyen

Fabrication Specialist and Instructor

Robin Graham-Hayes

Fabrication Specialist and Instructor

Shop Assistants, Fall 2023

Jay Chomowicz
Elisa Dhanger
Chris/Rin Sanchez
Gigi Mancuso-Jackson
Jadelin Kirkvold
Jeremy Wenger
Audrey Abraham
James Davis
Liv Dawes
Zeno Schwebel
Zoie Leo
Aja Capel
Brooke Moss
Isha Goyal
Jo Fryling
Kai Scott
Karina Lamoreux
Kelly Stellmacher
Luke Witten
Madeline Robertson
Oliver Buchwald
Rowan Janses
Dexter Friis-Hect
Ike Walker
Maya McKone-Sweet
Peter Schnell
Reuben Lewis
Will Young