Olin Machine Shop Mission

The Olin Machine Shop is where the ideas and concepts of student projects take physical form. Students can fabricate their projects using the shop equipment under the supervision of the instructors. But first, students must complete the Introduction to Machine Shop Operations course. The objective of this course is to provide students the knowledge to safely operate manual milling machines and lathes by machining projects designed to emphasize basic machine shop operations. This course becomes an important foundation from which students can build their machining skills and knowledge.

The Machine Shop is equipped to handle almost any type of project. If you are interested in the equipment available or the specifications of a machine you can browse the list of equipment. If you are interested in the history of the Machine Shop there is a letter from David Anderson, Master Instructor of Mechanical Design and Fabrication, detailing the history of the shop. Information concerning our facilities, personnel, safety guidelines and past projects is also available.

The website is intended to be a resource for students and members of the Olin Community. If you have a suggestion concerning the site please provide feedback.