Foundational Trainings

Training Overview

Foundational trainings include Green Training (all first-year students attend this training in the first semester, which qualifies them to use the Green Machine Shop in AC 207) and LPB training (students who sign up for this either with a project team or individually are then qualified to use the LPB space).

To give a brief overview of Green Training, it is not only machine training. It is your entry into The Shop Community. In Green Training, you will be machining a piece that signals you have completed the training and become a member of The Shop Community. Once you have completed your piece, we will ask you to sign it as an affirmation of your commitment to maintaining and improving The Shop as a unique space and resource for the Olin community. Your signed piece will be placed on display with your class in The Shop.

Training Type Pre-Requisite # of Sessions / Time Required Relevant Documents
Green Machine N/A 1 / 120 mins
LPB Green Machine 1 / 20 mins
Paint Booth LPB 1 / 60 mins
Composites LPB 1 / 60 mins
  • Coming soon!


Olin Quick Guides for Foundational Tools

These guides were developed by Olin students through the summer intergrated project fund (IPF). The guides include detailed information of each machine: key components, set up process, materials, clean up process, and tips and tricks! Please take a look if you want to learn more about the machine or learn more about its procedures.

Note: You are welcome to use these posters in your own spaces, as long as you attribute the Olin College Shop.

Drill Press  Example Quick Guide!

BOW Posters for Foundational Tools

These posters were commissioned by the three-college consortium (Babson, Olin, Wellelsey). This was through an effort to streamline trainings across the three campuses, in order to foster fabrication collaboration across the WE lab at Wellesley, the Olin Shop, and the Babson Foundry.